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MusicMaster helps you create great music programming through advanced scheduling technology. Automatically generate music playlists that never repeat exactly the same way twice. Control flow and balance with a set of user-defined fields, attribute codes, and associated scheduling rules. Increase efficiency and productivity, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your operation. Join the thousands of people around the world who use MusicMaster to build larger audiences and keep people listening longer. Let us show you why MusicMaster is the number one Windows-based music scheduling system in the world!

President/CEO of A-Ware Software, Joe Knapp, created MusicMaster as radio scheduling software back in 1983 to schedule a better music rotation in less time for the radio station where he worked and he's still scheduling music with MusicMaster every day. This is a music scheduler created by radio programmers, for radio programmers, and continually updated regularly through a constant stream of ideas that pour in daily from the many people who use the system every day. Dozens of people in all corners of the world provide the best quality software support in the industry. MusicMaster is truly a crowd-sourced computer software system.